Headlines of extraordinary events and happenings in my musical life over the years

Composition for solo bass and choir LYSET


• Premiere on own composition for solo bass and choir LYSET in Sorø Abbey Church and further concerts in Paris.
US4 – release on the Horace Parlan Project album ’My Scandinavian Blues’.
• Bass duets with the New Yorker icon Phil Palombi.
• Performing a solo/duets recital and testing a new learning system 'theMELTconcept' at the European double bass congress BASS2016 PRAGUE.


Composing a 25 min. piece “LYSET” for choir and solo bass.
• Receiving funds from Danish Art and DJBFA for composing.
• Performing at the ISB double bass convention at Fort Collins University, Denver, US, in duet with bassist Morten Ramsbøl.
• Bass duo concert with Thomas Fonnesbæk – also former NHØP student.
• Trio concert with recordist Michala Petri and pianist Carsten Dahl.

Michala Petri - Carsten Dahl - Jimmi Roger Pedersen
Parlan Project “My Scandinavian Blues”


Duo concert with recordist Michala Petri.
Video recording on Parlan Project “My Scandinavian Blues” - a tribute to Horace Parlan featuring Tomas Franck, Thomas Clausen, Adam Nussbaum and Signe Eeg.
• Elected as chairman of the Danish Bass Society.


• Performing at the ISB double bass convention at Rochester University, New York, US.
• Performing every day at his own place in Copenhagen “KaffeKontra” - with open stage, exhibition and coffee.
Concert at Sorø Abbey Church with trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg and harpist Helen Davies.

Palle Mikkelborg - Helen Davies - Jimmi Roger Pedersen
12 Songs by CARL NIELSEN for Two Basses


President of BASSEUROPE, the European Bass Community.
• As artistic director organizes and hosts the European double bass biennial congress BASS2012 COPENHAGEN at the Opera House.
• Releasing "12 Songs by CARL NIELSEN for Two Basses" - one of Denmark's greatest composers (1865 - 1931).
• Releasing "Songs for Two Basses I" - a broad collection of folk, jazz and latin.


Composing a 40 min. piece for 2 soloists and The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra in Vilnius, Lithuania – performed in Vilnius.
• Receiving funds from Danish Art and DJBFA for composing.
• Starting preparations of the biennial bass congress BASS2012 COPENHAGEN.
• Celebrating 80th birthday of legendary pianist Horace Parlan.

Jimmi Roger Pedersen in Vilnius, Lithuania
Jazzahead 2010 Messen in Bremen.


• Holding the Danish Bass Symposium 2010 in cooperation with the HI-FI Academy.
• Solo concert and master class at the European bass convention BASS2010 BERLIN.
• Represented by own publishing house at BASS2010 BERLIN.
• Releasing Songs for Bass I and II both containing 14 compositions for bass.
• Represented by own publishing house at Jazzahead 2010 Messen in Bremen.


Founder of the Spotland-foundation for local activity and culture.
Initiator to the national Internet portal – www.basdanmark.dk.
• Holding the Danish Bass Symposium 2009.
• Receiving funds from DJBFA for making new bass compositions.
Nominated as best solo instrumentalist in The 2009 JPF Music Awards Nashville, TN USA.
• Receiving funds from Lions Club and JazzDanmark for travelling to USA.
• Participant at THE EU EXTRAVAGANZA 2009 in Beijing, China.
• Represented by own publishing house at Jazzahead 2009 Messen in Bremen.

The 2009 JPF Music Awards Nashville, TN USA
Bass Beyond - solo bass CD

2008 - 2007

• Release of the second solo bass CD "Bass Beyond".
• Composer and musician for “Science Theatre” in close collaboration with artists and scientists at Copenhagen University and Rigshospitalet.

2006 - 2005

• Establishing regular master classes with starting point in ”Scandinavian Double Bass Technique”.
• Receiving a fund for making a new solo bass CD.
• Replacing the deceased legendary Aladar Pege in Strings Only.
• Starting a trio with Italians, trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti and pianist Giacomo Aula.
• Chosen as chairman for Dansk Basselskab (Danish Bass Society).

Master Classes - Jimmi Roger Pedersen
BASS ONLY - Solo Bass CD


• Record and release of the first solo bass CDBass Only
• Releasing four booklets in the series ”Scandinavian Double Bass Technique”.
• Founding own label and publishing.
Premiere concert on the double bass trio ”Triple Trouble” in Copenhagen Jazzhouse.

2003 - 2001

• Working on the series ”Scandinavian Double Bass Technique” (school for bass).
• The trio „WE ARE“ is coming to an end and repertoire for a new group consisting three basses is being written.

Scandinavian Double Bass Technique


• Establishing a secondary address in Berlin.
• Workshops at Jazzschule Berlin.
• Many club, studio and commercial gigs in Berlin – like for Jazz Radio Berlin and tours in Europe.


• Composing and conducting the music of ”Under Dansetræet”. A theatre play celebrating the 150 anniversaries of the Danish constitution.
• Assigning more foundations.

1998 – 1996

• Originator and manager of the project ”Musik på Museer”, financial supported by Statens Musikråd, amter, kommuner and Dansk Jazzforbund. More than 100 concerts throughout Denmark in art museums.
• Assigning several funds for composing.
• Christoph Oeding Trio. Many club and festival performances, 3 CD's.

1995 - 1994

• Starting working in duo with Pianist Horace Parlan. Many clubs and festivals performances, TV-productions and documentary film.


• Going back to Denmark and settle down on the the countryside south west of Copenhagen.
• Setting up an own trio ”WE ARE” featuring John Tchicai and Gilbert Matthews - touring in Denmark and Germany.
• Teacher at ”JazzAkademiet” in Copenhagen.
• Member of the Swedish Group ”Mwendo Dawa”. Touring in Sweden, France, Portugal, England, USA, Canada, radio and televisionbroadcasts and music documentary film.

1992 – 1989

• House bass player at ”Dennis Swing Club” in Hamburg.
• Many club, studio and festival gigs in cities like Copenhagen, Aalborg, Kassel, München and Salzburg.
• Member of ”Hamburg Concert Band”.
• Beginning activity as a composer with starting point in music for solo bass.
• Café and street music (solo) in all Western Europe. Establishing a lot of contacts that today have an importance for work and private life.

1988 – 1987

• Intense period of engagements in the Copenhagen jazz and club scene like Montmartre and La Fontaine.
• Touring around in Denmark with the folk singer ”Lurifax”.


• Rhythmic Music Conservatory (established 1986, first year are 15 out of 150 applicants admitted). Having lessons by NHØP, Mads Vinding and Ed Thigpen.
• The study is half a year later interrupted for going on as a full-time freelance musician.

1984 – 1982

• Sankt Annæ Gymnasium mathematics/music, special high school for singing and choir.
• Semi professional tuba player in bands like NESA and B&W.
• Semi professional double bass player in the big band ”Danseorkestret”.

1983 – 1975

• Tuba player in school-orchestra “KKSO” Copenhagen.
• Tuba and e-bass player in the swing/Dixieland band ”Balling Jacks”.
• Double bass player in the youth big band ”Danseorkestret” (Glenn Miller – Thad Jones).