• Explaning yourself is a great part of developing
• For some time I thought about how to burn and get fuel from teaching
• I came up with theMELTconcept that covers the spectrum and stays updated

t h e M E L T c o n c e p t

Music | Exercises | Laboratory | Tasks


All kind of music arranged for bass(es).
Designation of strings and fingerings.
All sheets are FREE for all use!


Scales, patterns, arpeggios. progressions, accompany and many more topics.
All sheets are FREE for all use!


Considerations, possibilities and explanations - what's behind.
All sheets are FREE for all use!


Find solutions yourself.
All sheets are FREE for all use!
Comments and lessons are charged. 

L i n k s


Find all sheets in both PDF and MuseScore files plus an Overview of all released, in process and ideas.
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Go to our Facebook group and be welcome to write comments or create a post related to theMELTconcept.
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Install the free scorewriter on your computer and be able to play along the MELT files including solving the Tasks.
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Get the monthly information about new sheet releases, updates and future considerations of theMELTconcept.
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Inspired by the lessons with deceased and legendary Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP) at the music conservatory in late 80's I built theMELTconcept.

NHØP was a amazing and inspiring teacher. Years later I found out via his recordings that he just simply brought me what he was working with himself, and asked me what I would do.

So one of the primary things about this learning system is that everything is setup on one-two pages with a version letter and therefore easy to update whenever it is needed.


The learning system is mainly made for EADG stringed double bass - though many fundamental topics may also be interesting to other similar instruments, like the E-bass.

The content is divided into four categories Music | Exercises | Laboratory | Tasks - so whatever mode you are in or need for next step, it should be possible to find the right material.

All sheets have tags and are 'Related to' sheets in same or another category. So if you want to improve in a sudden piece of music, you may find several related exercises, go to the laboratory for background/considerations/explanations or even download some Tasks to solve.


All music sheets including an Overview are to find in a Google Drive database. The sheets are available in pdf format and an editable/playable (play along) MuseScore file (free scorewriter).

Besides the tags and 'related to' information the sheets are also graduated from 1-6 (basics to advanced) and have a version letter placed after the title.


The suggested solutions for LH (Left Hand) are based on considerations of movements, phrasing and rhythm while RH (Right Hand) indications are all for plucking (pizzicato) the strings with three fingers continuously.


Take advantage of the scorewriter play along by downloading and installing the free and great program - of course also for your other music work.

Activate the metronome and count-in by pressing F11 (View - Play Panel) from where also adjusting the master volume and tempo is possible. Go to View - Synthesiser for changing the metronome click volume.

You may also want to resolve the Tasks in the scorewriter program too. 


theMELTconcept is free for both personal and commercial use  - institutions, educators, students, amateurs as well as professionnels are welcome.

Lessons á 60 min by Jimmi Roger Pedersen cost 300 DDK or 40 EUR/USD.

Task Comments á page by Jimmi Roger Pedersen cost 40 DDK or 5 EUR/USD.